To The Non-Haters
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claregglliving for the experience of life
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To The Non-Haters

why I'm thankful

I realized yesterday that no matter how much work you put in

It doesn't depend on just yourself

I'm grateful I realized there are always other people

More people are there to support you than you thought

It never feels good to have your friends turn on you

But it feels good to realize someone else cares even more

I'm thankful for the young boy who comforted me

The one who listened to me talk while I bawled my eyes

I'm thankful for my father who was willing to listen

and who let me eat ice cream when I needed it

I'm thankful for the people who left me

because now I know who they really are

and I'm thankful to those who are always there

Know that I love you and that I'm thinking about you in every moment

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