Death and April
Death and April dark fantasy stories

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A work-in-progress in the fairy tale style about a girl who longs for death but Death isn't having any of it. (Critique greatly appreciated)

Death and April

April saw the world as swirls of grey aloneness, drained of every other hue as she lost control of her depression.

Her every interaction, her every meeting tinged with the one color she could still see.

She felt that the world would soon give up on her, and if not, it should.

What did she have left to offer? She was merely taking up space. Every day she continued existing was a day's worth of breath someone else could have used, and would have made better use of.

Slowly she continued this circle of thought, twisting it inside her mind over and over until she had lowered herself into a pit with no intention of climbing out.

Until the only desire she felt in her heart was a way to stop its beating.

That was when she fell in love with Death.

It was a deep, obsessive love, more for his work than for the entity himself. And more still for the relief she felt he could bring her.

With a fervor she gave nothing else, she wished for her on demise. She prayed with the one speck of hope still left within her that Death would ride down and take her pain away.

It was a desperate dream, but it did not fall upon deaf ears.

April did not know that Death had heard her pleas, but that he did not come for her. She also did not know that he did not want to.

If she had known, his intervention would not have been necessary.

When he didn't come and she continued living, April could think of no other option. If he would not take her away from this world then she would go to him.

It was only when she had closed and locked the bathroom door, lain down inside the tub, and lifted the gun's glistening barrel to her mouth that he appeared before her.

Her heart lept at the sight of him, "At last," she cried in a half-relieved sigh. "Let me be done with this world so we can depart, my love."

But Death silenced her with a wave of his bony hand.

"I have only come to tell you that your dream of me is a folly," he spoke tenderly, but clearly as he lowered her hands from her face, and the gun along with it.

"You wish me to take you away from the world, not knowing that it is all I could ever want for you. Existence, life, it is something that should be treasured.

For it is short, and my realm is long."

The gun slipped from April's fingers to rest safely in her lap, and her tears began to fall as she took a shaky breath.

Death then reached out to stroke her face with his cold hand, and she gazed into his eyeless sockets.

"You profess to love me, but I pray that you love your life as it is yours. Then meet me when the time comes. For your sake I hope it is not too soon."

And with that, he left her. Time would tell if April took his words to heart, but so far she and Death have yet to reunite.

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