Lie to me.
Lie to me. sad stories
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cjhale Artist & muscian Charlotte Hale.
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Lie to me.

by cjhale

Don't tell me please. Don't tell me you want to leave.

I'm falling on my knees. Not allowing myself to grieve.

Lie to me baby, lie. So I can forget my sorrow.

Please don't say goodbye... ...Stay....stay till tomorrow.

Please, I need you here. Wipe away my tears.

Lie to me baby, lie.

Because the ache in my chest is unbearable.

I chased you away. I didn't know I was capable...

You're walking out the door. Baby please stay.

I don't want to watch more... ....Don't go away.

Lie to me baby, lie. Tell me you love me still.

Lie to me baby, lie...

For now, my heart you've killed...

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