Rest In Peace
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A white light is visible in my dreams I stretch out for it

Rest In Peace

A white light is visible in my dreams

I stretch out for it

I cover my eyes

For it is too bright

I try to get close to it

I reach out

But there is hesitation

I question my hesitation

"If I get closer to you, will this be the end of me?"

The white light does not answer

I question it again

I receive no answer

a handsome man in black

Approaches me from the white light

He is the grim reaper

I have died in my dreams

He tells me the date and my hour of death

He tells me I've taken my own life

He speaks to me in a low voice

He says,

"Since you have committed such a great crime, you must suffer the rest of your afterlife for it."

he stares at me in the eyes

"You will never be able to forget every horrible thing that you have done,

You will awaken and feel your skin ripping to shreds, it is your fate."

"This..." he tells me

"Is the consequence for what you have done."

I close my eyes

I can see clearly

I understand

That my life was only meant for suffering

That's is why I am here

That is why I was chosen

That is why I have died

My life will never be in peace

Neither in death nor in life

He takes me away and I never return

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