The End
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cicibI’m self aware and I still don’t care
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Inspired by MSN’s Welcome Page this morning

The End

Why do we always try to predict the end of the world… Are we that excited to see all that we have worked for completely come unfurled ?

It’s a strange fascination with our own degradation. I’m in no rush to see humanity in that dooms day situation.

It would be everyone for themselves, Food snatched off of grocery store shelves.

Complete chaos and anarchy, Mutiny of our own oligarchy.

It’s a stark reality, All great empires have crumbled, All that’s left are ruins and rubble.

Remains of past lives, People with grandiose enterprise.

I wonder how mondern day society would be seen in their eyes.

The sooner we realize, That our morality has been compromised, An awakening needs to be Initialized, If not I truly do empathize.

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