The stranger everybody knows
The stranger everybody knows understanding stories

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A man undergoes the turmoils and hardship of life . only for things to get worse in his desperate time in need . Despite his life difficulties , people end up judging him .

The stranger everybody knows

My heart goes to the ones judged without trial.

The stranger everybody knows their story very well.

The ones who have accepted the lifestyle of none importance.

The ones who hope on probability for their food.

The ones who we know so well because we are magicians and we are so self-driven.

It brings sadness to my heart that there are special people out there, who society has implicitly sentenced to years of pain, hatred, and suffering.

We live such self-driven lives that we can't even take a second to look at the bigger picture.

The world is one huge coincidence, but we are playing this fantasy game the wrong way.

They are so many strangers we have told they don't matter, some of them even fought our future.

I am Williams, I am one of the strangers everyone knows.

Yet they don't know my pain, know my struggles and Every time they see me, they think I deserve to be a failure.

It wasn't my choice, but I was born with a mental disorder.

My life was a bliss when I found the love of my life at the age of 25.

We married and had two kids together.

Had this event not occurred, my future might not have been a judged stranger.

My road to becoming a stranger started when one of my kids died from an accident and the other had cancer.

I was emotionally drained, the little emotional energy I had was given to my cancerous child and my evil wife.

Now I shared everything with my wife because she was my one and only.

I started using hard drugs because I couldn't bear all the pain and my wife's emotional disconnection didn't help matters.

I woke up one day to hold the cold feet of my dead child.

Not like that wasn't enough, the same week I discovered that my wife was cheating on me.

My painful emotions became crazy, I became a heavy drug user and an alcoholic to hide my hollow pain.

I was fired from work because I came to work hungover and smelt like alcohol.

The turns get more tricky when I discovered my wife stole all the money in my savings account and ran away.

My heart became shattered, I did something while drunk that set me up for life towards becoming a stranger.

Alcohol and pain bring deep regrets and mine was explosive.

I burnt a man's car, and he filed a suit against me and I was taken to jail and was charged with a felony.

It was there I discovered I had mental issues and strong bipolar tendencies.

I developed another mental issue, that rendered me unable to get a job.

So I became homeless,

Where my chance to eat depended on if a stranger felt good and gave me the benefit of the doubt and gives me a dollar at most.

I became the stranger everyone knows so well.

I became an alien in my own planet,

Everyone looks at me with disgust,

Sometimes I wonder do they think I was born this way?

Do they think I directly chose to be homeless?

Do they think I don't deserve at least three meals a day?

While they stream the internet, eat pizza and waste food.

Which I later go to the garbage to eat.

Do they think I want to smell this way?

Have they ever thought I had a life before?

Have they ever thought I was a father who loved his kids deeply?

Do they think I want to wear rags because I think it's a fashion statement?

Do they think I want it to rain or snow on me?

Do they think I think it's fun to walk on the train and "disturb" them with my urine smell?

That's certainly not my idea of fun.

The world knows me so well, the lazy, ungrateful, and stupid person and yet doesn't even know my name. I guess that's a beautiful irony.

I guess I'm the stranger everybody knows.

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