Sad love
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Sad love story...

Sad love

by Elmy Chua

Elise took the hot chocolate to Ian. Hoping he would enjoy it.

"Thanks Elise. It tastes very good." Ian smiled and licked the cream of his lips. Elise smiled. As long as Ian is happy, She is also happy.

Everyday, Elise would bring something for Ian, just to see him smile. She likes him but he don't knows it.

That day, Elise brought a box of cookies for Ian. She wanted to tell him that she loves him. And hoping he would return his love.

But when she reached there,she saw Ian with another girl. Elise just looked at them shocked.

"This is my girlfriend, Analiese. Analiese, this is Elise, my friend." Elise just gave a small sick smile to them. She gave the cookies to Ian and wished them both luck.

Ian was curious why Elise never came to his house ever since she gave him the cookies. He went to her house to visit her. But all he saw was an empty house.

He searched for Elise frantically. But... She is dead. Dead of heart attack.

He got a Death Note from her. 'Ian I have always loved you For you are handsome and cute Kind and helpful. I really like you but I never got the chance to tell you. But now you know,i love you'

Ian was sad. He didn't know she had heart attack. She was always so jolly. He gave his condolences and left. He put the paper on his table so he could forever remember her.

Years later...

"Elle, come here." Ian called his daughter. His daughter ran over to him and Ian showed her a picture. "This is Elise, and she is your godmother, the mother who would protect you, forever. "

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