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chromiumI like to think I'm amazing
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How I stay productive. The changes I made.


I would always say "I'm busy"

I spent most of my day working. Jumping from one task to the next to the next. It was tough but I felt like I was doing a lot.

The problem.....

I felt a bit stressed all the time. My quality of work wasn't that high. And I ALWAYS felt tired. All the time.

I loved everything I did

I did everything with care and passion. I chose it! And I loved it. Mentally, I really enjoyed myself.

Practically.....things were a mess

The work I did wasn't the best of my ability. I worked during unproductive hours and dozed off while working. Everything I did was fun. But wasn't doing anybody a favor

I had to make the hard call

I decided to choose 3 things.

No matter how much I loved things, I eliminated them from my life. I told myself to chose 3 and throw out the rest. It allowed me to focus.....and relax for once.

Focus was my instant solution to productivity

My work got better. I felt alive. I no longer felt I was drowning. And I definitely worked faster. My total output was much higher than before.

Often, you don't need crazy productivity techniques

You just need to focus. Cut things out of your life.

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Superb!* ________________________ *) Just one word, actually---reflecting my taking the "technique" in the story to advantage: to focus on my very first impression and cross all debris of things off my comment that came to mind in the aftermath of thought.