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by christina


white is supposed to be a symbol of cleanliness, fresh starts and hope

we are all yearning for a fresh start

that's why we celebrate the new year, start new trends, diets, gym memberships

because we’re trying to be something else

we’re trying to disguise the fact that we aren’t perfect

and there is nothing inherently wrong with trying to be perfect

there is an honour in trying to be someone who is admirable, honourable, kind, generous

but its so hard to change things that are ingrained into us, to be the better person, to take the higher ground

it's so easy to succumb to greed and selfishness

because deep down we’re flawed

so deeply deeply flawed

full of needs, wants, cravings, lust

some people are more at home with this notion and embrace it

whilst there are others who attempt to change how they act, because they want to be white again, they want to be perfect, clean, new

but its so hard to keep trying

it depends who you're around

they say that the five people closest to you impact who you are, how you act, how you think

but they forget to mention that we also affect ourselves, that its not just the external factors that impact our lives.

because at the end of the day, we are alone with our thoughts and if we don’t try, what happens.

who do you become if you let your needs and wants take over?


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