Coffee Stains and Cigarettes
Coffee Stains and Cigarettes love stories

chrismarrione Community member
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She was a marvelous mess..

Coffee Stains and Cigarettes

She comes over late at night

after her shift at the coffee shop.

Her dark brown hair is bundled up

in a messy ponytail,

her clothes are covered

in coffee stains,

the touch of her pale skin

is smooth

and slightly cold.

I kissed her blossom red cheeks

and asked how her day was.

She rambled on and on

But I didn't care.

The way she looked that night

sitting in my passenger seat,

raw and uncut.

She was a marvelous mess.

She combed strains of hair out of her face

and looked at me

with those irresistible

puppy dog eyes.

Kind words escaped from her breath:

“You make me happy.”

I smiled and held her by the hand.

We may not have lasted

But that moment we shared in my car that night

will forever stay safe with me.

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