The Girl By Chris Corso
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"The Girl" Grimmauld Place


The Girl By Chris Corso

"The Girl"

Grimmauld Place

Ginny Potter tried to pull herself together. She was exhausted, but in a way she'd never experienced before. The boys had been so much easier.

James had been difficult simply because she'd never experienced pregnancy before and had no idea what to expect. Albus was easy in comparison, and they'd both been good babies.

If the past was any indication of the future than her difficult and unsettled pregnancy might foretell a difficult babyhood.

She knew the Healers were at a loss to explain her tiredness, headaches, and other symptoms.

"Merlin Ginny!" she spoke out loud, "stop being so daft!" Ginny despised divination.

No, it was simply that she had two very active little boys to care for and although Harry was a very involved father, he was also Deputy Head Auror, and if things went according to plan,

he would soon be Head Auror. There was only so much he could do to help her.

Ginny dragged herself down stairs and was pleased to find far less chaos than she expected. Harry had the boys eating breakfast.

All three of her boys smiled when they noted her entrance and she grinned back. Harry moved to make her a cup of tea as their house elf, Kreacher, appeared in front of her....

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