Seeking Auror by Chris Corso
Seeking Auror by Chris Corso  lily luna potter stories

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Lily Luna Potter always had two goals for her life: Quidditch, and another secret goal that she kept from almost everyone, but now she's determined to start anew. It's a life that will push her to the edge and put her on a collision course with her destiny. If only her father will allow it.


Seeking Auror by Chris Corso


Ginny Potter tried to control her emotions and remind herself that she, and Harry, always supported their children, even when they disagreed with them.

They'd tell them what they thought, point out the flaws in their plan, but once their children made a decision, they'd support and love them.

But as her only daughter pleaded for her help, for understanding, she found herself unable to do what she'd always done-support her daughter.

"I don't understand, Lily! Where is this coming from? I thought you loved Quidditch.

How long have you wanted to be an Auror?" Ginny shook her head at the young woman that looked so much like her yet, could be so different.

"I do love Quidditch," Lily cried, hoping she could explain her feelings, "but I've been playing professionally for ten years and you know that being a Seeker isn't like being a Chaser.

Most Seekers don't last even eight years before they start to slip. I'm starting to slip, mum. I can't play to the same level as I did even two years ago. I need a change."

"But an Auror?" Ginny looked at Lily in confusion. "You never said anything about it growing up.

Al lived and breathed it and even James briefly considered it before he moved on to something else, like he always did, but never showed any interest in anything beyond Quidditch."

Lily looked away from her mother, reflecting upon her past and the choices she had made. "You're right, mum.

I never showed interest openly, but did you ever wonder why it was so important to me to get all Outstandings on my N.E.W.

T's? I always thought that if Quidditch didn't work out, then I'd become an Auror.

I always loved being around it, but Al and even Hugo's interest was so overwhelming that I felt left out, and honestly, I'm not sure if dad would have allowed me to join. I'm still not sure…"

Ginny was on the brink of defending her husband, but she also knew Lily had a point.

Harry had always supported his children, and had never explicitly treated Lily differently, but, then again, she'd never asked to be an Auror.

Lily never allowed herself to be coddled, or held back, and her fiery personality tended to mean she dominted her brothers. The question Ginny couldn't answer was what would Harry say.

Lily had always been able to wrap her father around her little finger, and much like her mother, knew just how to handle him.

It might take both of them to convince Harry, but Ginny had another worry, too. Was she good enough even to pass the entrance exam?

"Lily, have you ever considered that too much time has passed? You're 10 years out of Hogwarts. Most trainees are 18 or 19 when they join and training takes two long years.

Your father may have qualified in record time, and even your Uncle Ron did, but that was a different era. Nobody will be cutting you any slack.

" Ginny's mind drifted back to those early days after the Battle, when everything in the Wizarding World had to be rethought and made better... so the dark times would never happen again.

"I know how hard they are and I'd never allow anybody to treat me differently, or make it easier for me. I've not been idle these 10 years, and I'm not the only one who knows.

Hugo has been helping me, keeping my skills sharp. He even shared his course notes while he was in training."

Ginny's mouth dropped open at her daughter's revelation.

"Hugo! Your cousin Hugo Weasley has been illegally sharing his classified course notes with you?

! The most straight- laced boy I know has been helping you learn to be an Auror behind your father's back?"

Lily nodded at her mother and shrugged. "I've kept secrets for Hugo; lots of them. He owes me, but he also believed in me. All I ask is that you and dad do, too."

Ginny responded at long last. "Lily, I do believe in you and I know that your dad will, too, but you need to think of all the questions he might ask you. Consider all of his objections.

You need to be sure of your answers. Go after it as if you're chasing the Golden Snitch. Be the patient Seeker."

Ginny smiled at her daughter and hugged her.

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