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A letter to my father, who will never again read my written word.

I'll miss you tomorrow

by chloeblue2

I wish people would stop asking

"Are you okay"

Because as I sit here in my silent cacophony

I realize, there's nothing left to say

When I think about my future now

I can't help but be cautiously overwhelmed by the choices

By the complete lack of certainty

Because the one thing I thought I could always depend on

The one person


are now gone forever from my life

leaving in your path a wake of destructive memories and pained laughter

When I think about tomorrow without you

I feel lost

I feel alone

But in the face of tragedy I can't help but be reminded

of the beautiful support of the beautiful people you once loved and I still do

When I think about tomorrow

I know in my heart that I will hurt. We will all hurt for you.

When I think about tomorrow

I miss you

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