Worth It
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chissjacks Writer, artist, life-long learner
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True friendship is always worth it.

Worth It

by chissjacks

Before you found me

I thought that I knew what true friendship was.

I now realize that I was searching for it.

I never found it.

It found me instead.

You found me.

Wonderment and joy have brightened my days


Your character

Shines like the Sun

Our conversations bloom like roses

Roses in the midst of this thorny life

As each day passes by

My thoughts turn to you

You've moved to the forefront of my mind

Your selflessness

Your love for God

And your resiliency

It all has me in awe, sweet one

No friend has remained as loyal as you

No friend is more trustworthy

These words fail to convey the true murmurs of my heartbeat.

You've made me a better person.

The lovely things in life are dearer to me

thanks to you.

The stars shine bright

But you are the brightest by far

Miss Star

As I end this

I can't help thinking of you

As my best friend

I hope and pray

That you get all the lovely things that you desire

You are worth it, sweet one

You are worth it

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