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Am I ready on my own?


by chissjacks

Am I ready for this?

I'm uncertain.

The board is set.

But my heart is not.

I know what I have done to get this far.

I know Who has helped me get this far.

And yet...

The clouds of doubt gather on my horizon.

What if everything I've worked for falls apart?

Will I have the strength to carry on?

Am I ready...

Ready for adulthood?

Am I ready to leave home?

Am I ready to fly?

On my own...

I will never be ready.

With God...

I can be ready for anything.

He has my back.

He was there for the shepherd boy.

He was there for His Son...

Who was condemned to die.

By faith I know,

He will be there for me.

The future is intimidating.

For I do not know it.

Thankfully, He does.

Placing trust in myself...

Or any man...

Is foolish.

My trust is safe in the presence of my God.

I trusted Him when I called upon the name of His Son.

I trusted Him when I prepared for all of my tests.

This test may be intimidating to me....

It is not a challenge for Him.


I have nothing to fear.

Bring on the challenges!

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