I Exchanged my Soul for her Life

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When he found himself in the spiritual world and how he made a sacrifice for his love. This story tells you about sacrifice and unconditional love.

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I Exchanged my Soul for her Life

Finally, the weekend arrived like every other Sunday that Sunday also I got up and went to the orphanage. I used to visit orphanage every Sunday because I liked spending time with them.

Bringing toys, book and gifts and seeing them happy I was happy. Those children's was like my family. I was visiting them every Sunday because they made me forget everything they made me laugh.

In their eyes, I was like their brother, dad, mom and friend.

The next Sunday I brought them homemade food and I was excited to see them.

When I reached there I saw someone new there not so familiar and that was the first time I saw someone happy with those children because I was the only one who used to visit them.

Those children were happy because they got a new friend and that's how I met her. (Innocent smile, cute face, talkative eyes and her voice). Her voice like a piece of music.

We spend that day together with those children we played with them we made them smile.

Before leaving one girl came to me and said, you guys are good together please always come together because today we felt like we got a family.

Those words of her filled my heart with happiness and before I could say anything she said to that girl, that's a promise and then she looked at me and she smiled.

She said this is something we can do right? (I was speechless).

The next Sunday I was about to leave for the orphanage and I got a call from her.

She said we are organizing a birthday party for them because nobody knows when they born so,

I asked their caretaker if we could make them feel special then they would be very happy and the caretaker agreed for that.

Further, she said, just think we are getting an opportunity to give them something very special and I think they will remember us for a lifetime for that. I was so happy about that.

We organized everything we ordered special food for them we did everything any parents would do for their kid. Enjoying with those kids I felt like I lived my life.

We were watching them and suddenly she said, I wish if I will get a partner who will understand this happiness and will treat them like a family.

After two hours everybody got so exhausted and some of them fell asleep.

One girl came to me and asked me, "Please let me sleep on your lap" I looked at her and I got emotional (That girl slept on my lap and I was singing to that girl sleeping).

Then she came to me and said, they like you so much don't ever break their heart. She asked me if you don't mind, there's something I want to confess to you.

(I went into the deep thinking and suddenly) she said I like you, you're just perfect in every way,

and you're good with children and you're polite and I know you would be a perfect partner for any girl and if you will let me I want to be your life partner WILL YOU MARRY ME?

I was totally surprised because I never thought that of something like that would come from her. I asked her to give me some time.

Next week when we were going to meet in the orphanage I planned a surprise for her. I was going to say yes and I wanted to do that differently.

When she came firstly some children showered flowers on her when she reached the gate some children gave her an album filled with her photos when we reached to the garden a girl gave her

a package and asked her to go the other room where I was waiting for her. When she reached there I asked her to open that package.

When she opened that she found a ring in it she looked at me and smiled, (I could feel her happiness) and then we exchanged rings. In those all year's first time I saw those children that happy.

We planned our wedding in the next month on Sunday in that orphanage only. But like said, "HAPPINESS NEVER STAYS" and that same thing happened with us.

Our car crashed when we were on the way of an orphanage.

When I opened my eyes I found myself in this very strange place. I felt like I was standing in the midair.

No sky no surface there was nothing around but, that place was crawled with people and everybody was marching straight.

I had no idea what was going on where I was and suddenly I remembered about her I searched for her everywhere but, I didn't find her.

I was marching to the unknown and then I saw a big gate and I felt like that gate appears from nowhere.

When I reached that gate I saw there were four doors on that gate with different colours and something was written on that door,

The Red door (Servant's hall)

The Yellow door (Administration fools)

The Black door (Death planner) and

The White door (Heavenly peace) and I was standing on the white door and my door's queue was comparatively small than those other three.

When I went through that door I saw a bright light and that place was like a court. Someone was sitting up there at the top and there was one person who was sitting in the midair.

My mind was still in the shock. I had no idea what was going on.

When I reached to that man who was sitting down and I asked him a million questions and he said son, please calm down I will answer everything but,

let me tell about this place first and why and how you're.

He said,

this is the spiritual world called "LI-DE" a world of life and death and you died when your car was crashed and you came here and that lady you are looking for she's in the queue of

the red door which leads to servant's hall further he adds you were so great in the death world so you came here at the white door (heavenly peace) and those who spent their life in rage, envy,

wrath, arrogance, selfishness they never got offered by this door. You were above the expectation of the death world.

And when the god of life and death was happy with them then he gives them an option to go back to your life or spend their life here like a king and believe me in my immortal life you're

the third person whom he offered this. So, tell me what you want to do, do you want to go back or you want to spend your life in immortality like a king.

He was explaining everything but, I was only thinking about her.

I was about to tell him then suddenly I heard a very strong voice and it was the god of "LI-DE". He called me and asked me, son, tell me what do you want.

I can grant you anything about life and death.

I thought of something and I asked him, can I exchange my door with her whom I love the most, can I exchange my offering to her and can I exchange my soul for her life.

Hearing those word god went into deep thinking and only silence was everywhere.

After some time he said, son, this is the first time somebody asked me this, this is the first time somebody is willing to offer his soul for his love.

Listen carefully I can grant you this but, you will lose this door permanently, you will be blacklisted from both worlds you will get stuck in between (Neither you can or live).

You will be posted on the black door and believe me that's the worst from death.

You will watch everyone and you will plan death for them whoever will reach the death meter and believe me that work will kill you every day and there's no turning back you will live

your life there for eternity.

Without thinking more I said yes and I request the god to erase her memory of me because I don't want to see her dying there because she loves me so much and I know she won't be able

to live peacefully if my memories will stay with her.

God granted my wish and he returned her life. I was watching her from the death door and like he said that door was killing me but, seeing her happy that pain was nothing.

Written by: Chotisistories | Chiranjiv


The people who went through the red door will spend their life serving God till their next life.

The people who went through the yellow door will spend their life keeping the record for everything whatever is happening in the death world.

The people who went through the black door will spend their life planning deaths for those who will reach death meter before their timeline.

The people who went through the white door will spend their life living like a king of the spiritual world.

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