Freedom Cross
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In the forest, resenting the trees and shrubs limiting my flight, Yearning for the wider space beyond my sight, for the freedom of the skies

Freedom Cross

In the forest, resenting the trees and shrubs limiting my flight,

Yearning for the wider space beyond my sight, for the freedom of the skies

Violated, tolerated, diminished, unrecognised

We ululate in unison, limning our devastation cries

Of the forest, the close limits of my world, ragged cloaked edges of care

Boundaries set for me afforded a circumspect liberty

Strangled whispers, under duress and choked by fear

Circumscribe this existence with no choices accorded to the free

Rare air, ruffle my 'queer' hair, breeze through my outstretched wing

While I soar high above black seas, where I can't see the waves quickening

To pull down these walls between us

Roughshod ride down the spikes before us

Banish the shadows amongst us to take hold of our freedom cross

Rare air, razor light, illuminate the spaces vacated for mistrust, and for loss

You cage me now, and I rue that I railed against the redemption you restrained

Regret that I didn't stay down, that I showed not the gratitude to feast on the filth you fed me

You pinion me roughly now, fill my lungs full of your hatred now, injustice crowned

And make me weep for the sweeping wideness of, the sky that used to be above

Free me, release me from this cage of ignominy

Never more will I speak against the meagreness you grant me, I repent of it heartily

I would cry 'unfair' no longer if you would let me breathe fresh air

I'd wear with grace and gratitude, my former strictures; seek no longer, parity

Rare air, ruffle my 'queer' hair, blow through my outstretched dreams

I will bow, give me back what I had, it is sweet beyond measure to me now

Standing on the mountain at last I can spread my wings

My wingspan an inch against a horizon, greater than my imaginings

No longer corralled like wild horses, hemmed in by the hate and injustice

My world suffused with colour, I can claim my freedom cross

Traps once created by overhanging branches, boundaries formed by trees as sentinels

A life informed by the whim of others, a loose agency enforced by violence

No dancing could I do no loving could I make

Yearnings, ah, of my spirit, of my flesh or my will, never more to be slaked

Railed as a cross, pounded to the dust, violated, devastated, emasculated

Shhh; the light fades from my eyes, the bellows of life eviscerated

As you take your final pumps between my thighs, my life joins the light

Yet here look, look here! I float free, finally certain to be emancipated

Dead stare in eyes that don't see the giant my soul senses it might be

Yet that eagle in my chest, wingspan wider than worlds, beats to break forth

Silent prayers exhaled upon the wind, bear me higher than the trees

That no man should ever again be able to deprive me of, liberty or love

Oh! Rare Air!

What's that crumpled over yonder, over there?

Oooh, that's queer hair!

Sign the cross - then account in copper the loss © Chinenye Ikwuemesi All rights reserved

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