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childstarOne word prompts || Wattpad: @child-star
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What a goofy life one might live


by childstar

There is a child with warm eyes

And energy that never ends

She plays Star Wars

But creates her own characters

They’re all droids

Her beeps and boops and whistles

Earn her the nickname: Squeaker

There is a tween who still plays silly games

She’s twelve

And doesn’t much care for boys

Who has time for such things

When Thanos is about to take over the universe

And she’s the only hero

Who can stop him

There is a teen who knows every Spongebob meme

She can sing “I’m a Goofy Goober”

From start to finish

And completely un-ironically

Her friends say she’s weird

She doesn’t care

Because high school is fake anyways

There is a young woman who has crayons with her

Wherever she goes they are in her pocket

Her boyfriend says it’s a goofy thing to have

She says that’s the point

Because why wear a suit

And live in a purely gray world

Where you can never color with crayons?

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