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chidoriflower I'm 18 and I love ironic humor
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Some of the poetry is not mine, but from a short song used in vines. I thought it was nice and wanted to write a full thing for it


by chidoriflower

Hey, how you doin?

Well I'm doing just fine I lied, I'm dying inside

Hello, how are you?

I'm pretty good Kidding, I'm dead but don't want to be rude

Yo, wassup

I'm dope af That's a lie, I'm stuck in a mental rut

Hey, good morning

I'm bright as the sun outside I'm joking there's a clot in my mind

Hey, sometimes I just want to actually be ok

But no one ever really showed me how I'm too busy pretending to be happy

For the sake of social convention I'll smile

Dying and crying inside all the while I just want to go home and hide Where I feel kind of alright

So hey, how you doin?

Well I'm doing just fine I'm lying, I'm dying inside

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