The Alchemy of my love
The Alchemy of my love #heartreak stories

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You occupied all my senses.. what else did you want!?
Please give it a read! :)

The Alchemy of my love

Gradually... Step by step.. You're getting over my mind..

Except you My eyes deny to see anything Without you I turn blind..

I want your incense In every unit of air It's like the drug I love to sniff Which protects my mind from despair

My ears wanna listen Your euphonious voice You and only you Is my first and last choice

I still can't forget The taste of your lips I need no more words That moment can write scripts

Still there's reminiscence Of the way I felt your touch Caressed with compassion Never felt too much

Still I raise my hand As if you'll just take me with you No hand accompanies me Reminding me that it can't be true

A second before in imagination You were so close to me In real maybe I can't have you You are invariably eager to flee

Why had this happened!? Why weren't we meant to walk along!? I still never got it What just went wrong!?

So here's it.. after long time.. Maybe I'm forgotten 😊

This piece... I hope you like it. Please comment, too!

One more thing.. If it seems incomplete, please help me for the next part, DM me for that 🤗

Love ya all ..

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