Fall in love
Fall in love #love stories
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cherrymeTake care, spread love, happiness.
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Prompt. The thing is in the end! Just a short one. Hope you will read

Fall in love

Darling, I am sorry, It was my mistake, I failed to pick your calls on time And I failed to understand you everytime

Sorry Darling,

I forgot to apply cheese on your bread.. But did you notice? I was so tired and depressed!

Sorry, Darling,

It was my flaw that I never understand you... But have you thought; my mind was left unread, too?

Sorry, Darling,

I am sorry that you hurt when I fought with you... But you know, dear, My biggest mistake was FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU...

Aside: Well, this one was short and quick, only for the prompt. I hope you like it!! : ) <3 I haven't fallen in love with anyone... šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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