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Ask your sweetheart if he feels the same way for you!???
A beautiful admitting of feelings wrapped in emotions
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Darling do you feel the same

the comforting numbness of restless mind

when our lips meet at last

the whole world shuts down

including my heart

I love the way your lips taste

love the way I feel you


say me

do you feel the same?

do you feel the same, sweets?

when some things sometimes go bitter between us?

like every time I miss US

miss the charm, the fun and the need to see you increases

creases are formed on my heart

which get released on meeting you..

everything seems so colorless

and meaningless, too

I miss you badly, do you?

Sweets, do you feel the same?

Sometimes I talk to you

And after coming back I cry so much madly

Knowing the fact that you're not mine

And if it's not gonna happen this way

How am I supposed to be fine?

And sometimes I think

You'll be so much better without me

Cause I'm there mess creating mess in your life

And you don't need me

As I do you

As if

You're better off me

Darling do you feel the same?

when I get through your pictures..

with every picture

my smile widens

and I take more and more time staring it

questioning, talking and kissing them..

insane I go they say

when I feel you're far from me..

lonely here I feel, though surrounded by a crowd..

cause my world, my home resides with you .

Do you feel the same?

Cause you're the first thought

Popping in my mind

First I open my eyes

And you're the last thought

Before and even after I close my eyes

Do you feel the same?

Sweets, do you feel the same?

When I'm with you

Safest of all places

From world and myself..

Holding, kissing your hand

Trying to convey..

"Never leave me alone"

Gripping it tightly

You mean so much to me..

Darling do you feel the same!?

Cause when you look at me and say,

"Love you" or compliment me,

Breaths get soft,

The butterflies in me flatter and say

"Isn't it too good to be true!?"

"Or I'm imagining??"

Darling so you feel the same?

Cause when you care

I feel it's too much than I deserve

I thank you from my heart,

Sometimes humbled

The proud owner of your time and attention..

darling do you feel the same?

or it's only, who get scared by the slightest thought of losing you, your heart, scared of losing the only thing I have and am proud about..

our connection..

darling do you feel the same?

when you leave me,

the last urge to look those addictive eyes,

appealing them last time to stay..

And their aspiring the same

As I say, last time, "love you"

With a slightly heavy heart

Assuring myself

This goodbye is only meant to meet again..


Sorry for too many words ❤️

I wish you liked it :) Take care Love love ❤️❤️💝

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