Am I this bad?
Am I this bad? bad stories

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Am I this bad? Why is this happening to me then!!?

Am I this bad?

What am I gonna say my heart??

About why I am not with you anymore

Why I'm skipping my meals

Why my throat is getting sore?

Am I this bad,

That I don't even owe an explanation?

Of why I've been left?

I was so mad and so blind

Not only for you, but for us

You've given enough of pain

Enough of hurt

Am I this bad,

To deserve replies with curt?

I hope I stay there,

In the gaps of your memories

While you stay in mine

But they are just too many,

You know,

To be forgotten with any wine

I remember you as many times

As these stars shine...

And here you've left me,

Left me to whine..

Am I this bad,

Not to have you for a last hug

For this time we did fine?

You're strong, I see..

To forget me so easily..

Or all that was a lie..

And I just was so silly?

And what about the times

While our lives seemed simile

Am I this bad,

To ignored by you so evilly?

You were right here yesterday,

Why not now, then,

Are we together,

Laughing at each other?

Are you happy now?

Since I'm not there?

Are you all alright and better?

Or you just don't care?

Why did you inflict so much of pain on me?

I didn't understand...

You forgot me

while I kept my nights

Embedding with pearls of your dreams..

Am I this bad,

That you didn't even want to see my face anymore?

Upcoming days would be so hard

I scare..

Who will I tell now about how I feel

Since you're not there

My heart disagrees that it's real..

Am I this bad,

That you didn't even think a for a second, to kill?

Thanks everyone for reading till here! *Question*: What do you do to feel lighter? Let me know in comments.. Thank you

Love you all 💝

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