Parasitic Depression
Parasitic Depression sad stories

chelsealyons Channeling sadness into passion
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Depression is an invisible monster with the power to destroy.

Parasitic Depression

For too many years I’ve been an unwilling host To an invader inside my head

A parasite

See, the thing about a parasite?

It’s magnificent at hiding

It starts out small, undetectable

Worming its way inside your body, your mind

But this microscopic monster starts to feed off you

Eating away your existence from the inside out

Tearing through your flesh with its piercing teeth

Flooding your brain with searing poison

It releases its young to metastasize the damage

But by the time you can notice the war raging inside

This army has grown by hundreds, thousands

And they have nuked the battleground, leaving nothing behind.

My parasite may be called depression but it works just the same

Starting off in the shadows

Silently entering your mind

Feeding off your suffering

Injecting you with its lies

“You are worthless” “You’re a burden” “You don’t belong on this earth”

These lies grow in numbers, destroying every inch of happiness

Until you see the lies as truth in your corrupted lens

You are filled with an unwavering dread

Crippled by an interminable loneliness

And you are at the mercy of this ruthless being

Then you go days without sleeping

Days without feeling

Arms covered in red slashes to at least feel something

The world starts spinning faster, but you’re still stuck in slow motion

You want someone to hear your silent screams

But your presence has become microscopic, invisible

And how can you put into words what even you can’t comprehend?

So the darkness consumes you until you’re nothing but an empty shell

A ghost of a human being

Going through the motions of life while no longer living

And all you plead for is the pain to cease

So you drown in a sea of pills to send you into eternal slumber.

I may have raised the white flag on my battle

But I was saved before my soul could flee this earth

And I am grateful for each breath I still take

But this war is far from over

My parasite may have been pacified yet it still remains

Silently pulling the strings in the background

And each day I fear it will again grow too strong

And conquer the battlefield of my mangled mind.

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