Secret Affair
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I was always fascinated with history, especially Victorian Era. Here's a taste of it :)

Secret Affair

My husband is next to me, Sleeping and snoring After he made love to me beastly.

I am still awake. I am his wife And I am his to take.

My thoughts fill the room With colorful memories And I'm no longer trapped in a tomb

Now I am in another embrace. Passionate kisses full of love Are hiding with us behind a bookcase.

A man nothing like my husband, Loving and sudden But not rich enough that could my father's consent summon.

And so we hide, Somewhere where our bodies safely collide. And we make love Until we shake the sky above.

I am married amd so is he. Most of the time it feels we're kept under the key. But when together we're finally set free.

We must keep our love a secret For in our time marriage is the biggest life's achievement.

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