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When people say writing is underrated, they never think of this I've mentioned here. If you don't believe in your writing, if you're ashamed of it, read it. Maybe then you'll understand how important writing is and always has been.

A Writer Writes

I am a writer, not a painter, but I paint images anyway.

With words chosen carefully, I mend the picture blissfully.

My pictures, paintings, images, drawings, they're never the same.

When I say 'sky, do you see clouds, a clear sunny day or a dark storm forming?

Are 'green eyes' green as emeralds or does the colour bend like seaweed in the ocean's bottom?

Is the red dress as long as an evening gown or is it perfect for a picnic?

And the smiles... God, the smiles... Honest or forced? Wide or small?

Do you see a person right now? The person behind a sheet of paper and a quill in the hand?

You do?

Then tell me, how does she write? Is she quick or does she struggle?

Does she want to tell the story or is her heart crying out?

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