You're Like the Wind- Always By My Side Part 2

You're Like the Wind- Always By My Side Part 2 janna stories

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Part 2

You're Like the Wind- Always By My Side Part 2

He could see Janna from afar on the ground with an outstretched hand. She had shielded him. Janna used the little bit of energy she had left to once more save him.

Yasuo glanced at her heart-wrenched. Even in her state she was determined to keep him protected. He admired the will-power that burned in her.

Still, watching her slump weakly right back down on her back meant he had to hurry. She was losing a lot of blood.

He cursed himself for not doing a better job at protecting her earlier, during the battle the two were against with these men.

Janna had used her Monsoon, a blast of healing at the time to save Yasuo from a potential sword piercing his heart.

She was able to knock away the assailant when she jumped in front of Yasuo channeling the healing.

However, in the process Janna got injured by a merciless sword that was driven into the right side of her stomach during the channel.

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to heal herself as she was vigorously interrupted by the harsh attack.

Yasuo clashed with the Commander again. His patience was falling short. He spun with his sword gathering his energy again and forming it into wind.

With the blade of his sword he lashed it towards the man sending the wind to knock him off his feet. While the Commander yelled and was hit.

While the man was in mid air, Yasuo leapt from the ground to to finalize his kill.

" Sorye Ige Ton!!!" Yasuo yelled.

SLASH! A second Slash! Then a third!-

All three consecutive actions made into one rapid movement. Yasuo landed on his feet. The Commander's lifeless body dropped like a brick behind him.

A pool of blood formed around the man's dead body. He was dismembered brutally. His head rolled off to the side and his arms fell scattered somewhere.

Yasuo didn't look behind him but resume to walking away from the scene. His attention was else wear.

Yasuo returned to Janna's side quickly after he slaughtered that Commander like a pig. He was covered in blood but that was the least of his worries. "Janna...

" He tried waking her up but she was unresponsive. "Janna? No. No. Janna please wake up!" His breath was uneven and his heart dropped.

He then noticed the small pouch she was wearing around her waist. " Wait. The Healing potion!" He said to himself hurrying to search in her pouch for it.

Pulling out the small red veil, he placed her head on his lap and removed the cork . He forced her mouth open and poured the magic liquid into her mouth.

He made sure she swallowed it tipping her head back a little. Yasuo waited apprehensively. "C'mon. C'mon." He felt his throat dry. He glanced at the wound on her stomach. Nothing. He waited.

And waited...


Yasuo felt a lump balling around his throat. He clenched his jaw. He persist to wait. He didn't care if it took hours, days, he would wait.

"Please.." his voice shattered and choked. "..Open your eyes for me, Janna."


Janna was asleep on Yasuo's chest. The two laid on the grass comfortably. She was worn out after their intimate exchange. The two, still bare, were resting indulging each other's company.

Though, Yasuo wasn't able to sleep. He kept reflecting on a disturbing thought.

"Janna?" He called to her.

"Hmn?" She responded sleepily refusing to open her eyes.

"If... it wasn't for that healing potion...I would of lost you." He uncomfortably said. His throat tightened at the thought.

"I know it's been a months since the incident happened but it still feels like yesterday to me." He said distraught.

"You wouldn't have lost me, Yasuo." Janna replied soothingly.

Yasuo looked at her puzzled watching her eyes slowly open to meet his. The dimples forming around her smile made his stomach twist into butterflies.

"What do you mean?" He asked baffled.

" I mean if I had died, you wouldn't have lost me." She offered him a reassuring smile. "I'm like the wind remember? Always by your side." She added with a wink of her right eye.

Janna then cupped his chin and kissed his lips. Yasuo couldn't help but to smile at the very truth to her words.


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