Saving the Memories
Saving the Memories romance stories

charmidnightSomeone who just loves to write
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Jaden is a guy who treasures his memories. Rina is a girl who runs away from the truth. Mix this two and, voila! A love story.

Saving the Memories

by Charmidnight

My name is Jaden...

I live in a small village... I treasure memories deeply because, their the only thing I know that can't be taken away.

My name is Rina...

I live near Jaden... And I ran away from the hard truth, cause I couldn't handle the pain.

I met Rina one day when she was buying flowers.

She was beautiful... But somehow, in the inside it felt as if she was in pain. I couldn't do anything about it.

When I met Jaden...

The atmosphere around me changed... He was happiness and I was the opposite... In my heart, I hoped he can save me, but I thought the same way with every other boy I met.

Then our first date came along.

She was beautiful. He was handsome... We both thought that we were the one's we need... But life always messed things up..

He took me to many places. He took many pictures.

She did it again... She ran away...

I fell in love with her too... But life always ruin it... Life took her away from me.. Is this some game for you? Well to me it isn't... I'm getting my girl back, and life won't do anything.

I brought her flowers and gifts..

But she ignored it... Why? What was I doing wrong? I stared at the flowers in my hand and then it clicked... This was what I think, and it wasn't from the heart it was from my knowledge.

There is a difference between knowledge and from the heart... I thought gifts would do it.... But what would have happened if it came from the heart? This was going to be difficult.

We have been dating for three months...

Before, I heard a saying, Love is like giving someone a gun, and trusting them not to pull the trigger. I trust her...that's all I'm gonna say...

Then... I went to her house...

Knocked on the door, with no flowers, not wearing a suit and just being me... Her mother opened the door and let me in...

I went to her room..

Kneeled in one knee and said... "Rina, I love you and I want you to be part of my life... Forever..

"I want us to be together.. As husband and wife... Forever and ever... The future might be bad... But I know that you'll stick with me forever, and I will with you."

"I have no flowers... No suit... Just a bracelet... With our memories..... With our happy smiles in small pictures... So will you, marry me Rina?"

She stared at me and slowly smiled... "Yes..." And I felt her barrier disappear forever... No more insecurities.

We bought a cabin near a lake for our honeymoon. We were getting married soon.

And I knew... We will always be together to the end no matter what... No fancy things, cause all we need is each other.. Neither if its only friends, best friends, but we're neither of those.

We were family together.. We will found our path if we get lost in life... This our story... Thank you for reading it... I hope I inspired you...

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