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Aurore (Rorie) was born into a normal family in Paris, living as an only child in a small apartment with her parents. She was the typical good girl with the good grades and the warm heart. However, when she noticed the opening of the tattoo shop from her bedroom window, she couldn't help herself from admiring Sean, the tattoo artist, with his piercings and inked arms. As she begins to get closer to him, she realizes that she isn't as free as she thinks she is. Yet, what happens when she realizes that there is more to the art on Sean's skin than the simple ink?


by charlottegillet

Tattoo Shop

It looked empty from my bedroom window. My gaze fell to one of the artists who came out to light his cigarette. His captivating eyes made him seem so mysterious and yet, I couldn't look away...

He glanced up and that was all it took for me to look away.

I'm such a creep, I thought. I shook my head and collapsed on my bed. I had only started noticing him a few days before. But, I couldn't help being attracted to him already. He was different...

I put my hands on my stomach and glanced up at my ceiling.

I was so embarrassed, but what could I say? I closed my eyes for what felt like a second but soon fell into a soothing sleep. "Diner's ready!" My mom yelled and I slowly opened my heavy eyes.

"Are we ever truly free to be ourselves?"

My mom glanced up at that and frowned. "What makes you say that?" She asked curiously. "I don't want to go to university. I want to become a photographer." Her eyes widened and I bit my lip.

"You're ridiculous, I thought you wanted to be a surgeon?"

"Becoming a surgeon was never my dream." I looked up to see her reaction and saw her frown. She could've been a surgeon herself, but she had chosen to follow the path her parents chose for her.

"What are you interested in photographing? Nature?"

I shook my head and smiled, "No, I love taking pictures of teenager's rebelling against the 'norm'." "Should I be worried?" She asked, laughing slightly. "No, you shouldn't."

Playing with the ring on my finger, I held my new camera.

Once again, I was gazing out to the tattoo shop. This time, the artist smiled at me. I blushed and I knew he could see it. I looked away, feeling embarrassed but when I looked back, he was gone.

"Remind me why you want to check out the tattoo shop?"

"I want to ask if I can take pictures of their tattoos," I replied to my best friend. She nodded and grinned. "What?" "I thought you wanted to get a Crow tattoo." "Maybe... Just not today."

"I want to take pictures of teens getting tattoos."

The guy shook his head and crossed his arms, a sly smile on his face. "That'd be invading people's privacy, princess. We give tattoos here, so don't come if it doesn't involve getting one."

"Fine, then I want a tattoo."

He seemed surprised but asked anyways, "What would you want?" "I just wish I was free to be myself, to be reckless, to be anyone but what people want me to be. Just like a crow, you know?"

"I'd want it here, behind my shoulder."

I was now in the shop, feeling restless as I removed my t-shirt. "Why exactly there?" He asked curiously. "Like that, I'll have wings on my back to help me escape any hard situations."

"You won't be everyone's little princess anymore."

I flinched away as he finished the tattoo and glanced at the mirror to see it. "Who says a princess can't have tattoos?" I retorted defensively, making him smile. "True," he chuckled.

He came to stand in front of me and tilted my head up.

"Now that you have my artwork on your back, you're not everyone's little princess anymore. You're my marked princess," he said, bringing his lips to mine before I could stop him.

"Most people wish to fly to escape..."

"I wish to fly in order to find myself," I interrupted him, after pulling away from his lips. "I think I might like you." He looked at me. "I like you too." He kissed me again, smiling.

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