Its been months since i last cut
Its been months since i last cut  cutting stories

charliefish i made myself laugh, by fake laughing
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Its been months since i last cut

And i was doing really well

Every time i thought of it

Id think "i dont need to touch that hell"

But ive gone for a while now with no release

Ive let enotions stack up beside sins

Fists would clench and forehead crease

Until i gave up and just gave in.

I cut myself tonight

There was more blood than i used to make

Nine red lines on my arm

And honestly i feel kinda fake.

Am i just begging for attention like my friend said?

Did i really need to do that?

Am i making up problems in my head?

Part of me thinks thats all true

But i honestly didnt know what else to do

Its been minutes since i last cut

At least now i dont want to rip out my own guts

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