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chaoticteensa confused teenager in a big, big world
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Just a jumble of words about what I'm thinking at this very moment.


by chaoticteens

I wonder.. If I escaped, would anybody notice?

If I packed my things, and left without a trace., would anybody come looking for me?

Would I get a call at 2 in the morning, asking where I am?

Or would my phone lay silently beside me as I sit on the bus going nowhere?

I often wonder what would happen if I just disappeared.

I've always wanted to run away, to be free from the chains of my mistakes and start over.

I've found my escape...

And it's not travelling, running away, or daydreaming my boring, lonely hours away

It's all over.

It's in the music I hear on the radio coming from the kitchen, and it's in the birds I see fly around outside my window in the early morning.

It's in my walks to school

And it's in my dreams at night.

This might make no sense, but if you look hard enough, there's an escape anywhere.

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