Unfriend a Fascist Today
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chamberslayin Recovering anxiety addict. 27, Manila.
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It’s not a time for kindness when opinions mean life or death.

Unfriend a Fascist Today

Look, man. If it were just between you and me, we could totally hang out. We could meet for drinks, spend a few hours talking about nothing, get buzzed and talk about everything.

We could reach across the aisle in respect and grapple about the rights and the lefts. There’d be blood but we’d drive home O.K., sleep it off and feel proud of ourselves. Yes, we’re mature, we can listen and talk about ideas. No hard feelings.

But this isn’t just you and it’s way beyond me. Not in your second-hand Toyota and low low low monthly gas bills. Not in your parents’ third house, a half-hour from Starbucks. Not at work on this screen and then that. Not on your indoor shift anywhere from 8 to 10 (just make up the 9 hours!);

not standing a foot from the microwave to nuke a better-faster-cheaper meal so you might one day God help us — still bear children.

I know what matters to the things you do, because the same things matter to me too. But we’ll talk about precisely the opposite things, won’t we? We’ll get into infrastructure and urban planning, one-stop-shop solutions on what needs needs needs to be done and by whom. Not us.

You’ll say there’s no other way. I’ll say bullshit and call you a name. Because we’re only happy when it’s reds or blues Only have feelings when we have time for the news Really, we cost too much and feed too few We’re lucky they haven’t put us on the menu

Somewhere inside, I miss your jokes. How kind you could be to teach me to ‘adult’. To make a phone call without feeling at fault. (I’m sorry, hi!) Now, there are lives on the line, and our best asset is staying inside. Neither of us would fight, I mean, I wouldn’t choose to die. So tell me, read it to me in your happiest voice.

How I’m more like you in everything I do. How I’m no hero for loving to hate you. How we’ll talk about ideas when everyone survives, but right now, it is you that has taken the tithe. You can’t take it back once you’ve signed on the line, and talking it through’s just a sign of the time.

I’ll miss getting wasted on hooch at the dive, but we’ll never be smart enough to save any lives.

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