CHAPTER THREE | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams
CHAPTER THREE | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams adventure stories

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Chapter - 3 The Spy

CHAPTER THREE | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams

Chapter - 3

The Spy

The queen was walking around. The Valleys were looking at the handicrafts. The dolls were made of corn husk and the flowers were beautiful.

There were few necklaces with beautiful stones, pots with tinkling bells and mechanical birds, brass hair accessories and eagle feathers. They waved at everyone in sight.

They even saw many children running around and playing with colourful balls. The girls painted the balls. They painted beautiful designs on the balls.

A girl ran to Elana and gave a keychain to her. There was a beautiful rose flower design in its middle and she gestured something. Elana stood there for a minute puzzled.

"Is that girl dumb? Can't she talk?" Elana muttered sadly.

Romi saw Elana sad and said "No she can't talk.

She is not dumb but our people have made a law, children of our village shouldn't use their voice unnecessarily, it should not affect their future. They are to become great orators and poets."

Romi explained and walked over to the queen. The queen too spotted them and whispered something to Romi.

Romi again came to the Valleys and said "We have a spy disguised as a well-known man. He has leaked some information to Kartha. My sister saw it in the alley.

But we don't have any rock-hard evidence to prove it. I also suspect this guy, had tried to catch him but we don't have any evidence as yet...

There he is!" She pointed to a man standing near the stalls.

"Are you sure?" asked Elana looking at that man.

He didn't look much of a spy. "I am sure... one hundred percent sure." said Romi looking at that man angrily.

Elana looked at Elijah and twitched her eyebrows. He knew it meant, 'lets try Rule No 42'.

Elijah walked to the stalls that had plenty of necklaces. He picked one up and asked the shopkeeper if he could take it to his sister to show her. The shopkeeper nodded his head.

And Elijah gave the necklace to Elana. And then he went back and paid the shopkeeper. He looked around and spotted the man few stalls away.

He stared at the man for a while, Elana caught his glance. She acted like she was admiring the necklace holding it in her hand.

Then she acted as if interested in something at the stall near which the man was standing.

She quietly slipped the necklace into the man's pocket when she got close to him and walked away casually.

When she reached near Elijah she started kicking sand towards him to get his attention.

And then she cried out, "Hey, Where's my necklace?" and she scrunched up her face as if she was going to cry. They put up a big scene. Elana was one hell of an actor.

She said to everyone that she saw this man staring greedily at the necklace and suspected him. The people at once searched him.

The man frowned and started pleading that he didn't take the necklace. When searched, they found the necklace inside his pocket and got him arrested.

The queen later revealed to the people that the man was nothing more than a traitor.

But amongst the crowd, a black hooded figure stood there and chuckled. Elijah's eyes caught it. The hooded man took out an object that was very familiar to Elijah.

He rushed to grab this man but he disappeared into the crowd...

...the mystery continues!

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