CHAPTER SIX | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams
CHAPTER SIX | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams stories

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Chapter - 6 The Rescuer

CHAPTER SIX | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams

Chapter - 6

The Rescuer

"Grab them!" shrieked the queen. "Now! Now!! Tell me where the Emorols is!" shouted the furious queen, but to Elijah, it was the ugliest snarl ever "Ugh!!" muttered Elijah.

Elana was still in the shock from the whole thing, queen being the traitor.

They began to re-think about it all. What if the man we framed was innocent? What if the queen is the villain? What if Ruthe isn't a bad person after all? This was all Elana could think of.

"Znya!" shouted the queen to one of her men. It was very clear that the queen was very frustrated. She had been shrieking, walking in circles, stomping... The kids had made her very confused.

She was so impatient. Otis had somehow escaped.

"You will never get it!" screamed the queen.

"Dream on! You rattle-brained woman!" Elijah muttered to provoke her even more. Whenever the kids said anything, the queen glared at them and scowled.

They had seen the queen as a calm, pretty woman but now she was angry and scary and the complete opposite of how she was.

"When will he come? He is sure to come back and try to rescue the children. He will come and my men will take him down and Emorols will be mine." Screeched the queen.

Suddenly, a woman pounced out of nowhere and grabbed the children's shirt from the

back. She kicked the guards who were nearby and fled. She was running so fast that Elijah thought he was flying.

There was a big hole on the wall on their left through which she jumped and pulled the children with her.

It was really dark that the guards did not notice the hole on the wall and they ran past it.

"Gah! Who are you?!" mumbled Elana in surprise and frustration, while still running. "I'll tell you later. First focus on not getting killed, you two!" said the woman.

Somehow her voice was familiar. They started running faster. Another hole was there on the left through which the woman jumped pulling the kids with her.

In some time, they found themselves in front of some sand-stairs. She climbed the stairs and pulled them up. They were on top and she closed the metal lid beneath them.

She grabbed a round big stone and kept it on the lid.

"Nobody should find this." the woman said and flung some sand onto it to cover the lid and make it invisible. "Now!" she said and looked towards them.

It was then that the kids had a good look on the woman's face. Their eyes opened wide with excitement!! It was a very familiar person.

Who was the rescuer? Why did she rescue them? Would Otis come back to rescue them? Will the queen gets hold of the Emorols? be continued in the next chapter

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