CHAPTER FOUR | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams
CHAPTER FOUR | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams adventure stories

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Chapter - 4 The Emorols

CHAPTER FOUR | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams

Chapter - 4

The Emorols

"Elijah, we are the Sleuths Extraordinaire, but we can't figure out something" Elana said. She couldn't sleep. They were sleeping in a tent. Each of them had something bothering them.

They couldn't sleep at all.

"What don't you know? Not like I know either! Well, I have a mystery too" said Elijah thoughtfully.

He and Elana had promised each other that no matter what they would figure out who Ruthe actually was.

"Okay, I'll tell you what I saw - some board in the queen's chamber, it was written Arianacki Emorols... Arianacki is the queen's name, who is Emorols?!" Elana asked and glared at Elijah.

Then she continued, "When I asked the queen, she almost frowned." "Hmm...

well, my woe is when we exposed the spy in front of the crowd, a black hooded figure stood there and chuckled suspiciously. I tried to catch him but he disappeared into the sand!" Elijah said.

Suddenly, "Hey! I saw someone! A person!" Elijah screamed. Elijah saw the same hooded figure near a tent, some distance away. The man saw him and tried to run away from there.

"Oh! Keep quiet! People are sleeping! Before you wake someone, let's go and follow him!" Elana said and pulled his shirt.

"Gah! Come on already, geeky!" Elijah mocked. Elana now disappeared into the shadows, Elijah followed. They ran after the figure to a gulchy trench. The man sat near a fire.

He knew that he was being followed. This made Elana and Elijah very surprised. They wondered why he sat there instead of running away. They approached him.

Elijah asked, "Hey! Why did you run so fast when you saw me? Who are you?" and scrunched his face, expecting an answer. "Ha! I only made you run.

You two are so slow as I had thought! You obviously need some training in athletics. I had heard about you and I wonder how you solve your cases..." the man started laughing mockingly.

"My name is Otis and I was one of the lieutenants working for the queen. I am searching for the same thing you are looking for - Emorols.

But then, the queen lost trust in me and told me to leave. I have lived in that cave ever since..." and pointed to a cave some distance away. "But I never stopped looking for the Emorols.

It has answers to all my problems... and yours.

I used to visit Myntar often, in disguise. I saw Romi honouring you the other day and today, you are here. Yours and my aim, are the same! Let's work together.

The Emorols is a large golden egg- shaped box, which has answers to every problem in Myntar. Nobody knows how and when and not even how it looks like.

It is said that Myntar's founding father had gifted the Emorols to his son Arianacki's father, and told him to protect it. Myntar's future depends on it.

It was hidden somewhere nobody could reach. We need to find it and protect it from the people who can harm Myntar." Then he waved his hand and told them to follow him.

Elijah mocked, "And I thought, Emorols is a person... Let's find this egg and SCRAMBLE it... I'm damn hungry..." Everyone laughed.

The three walked through the trench some distance and came near a large hole. "Ha ha! Don't fall in there... that's our well! Our old Myntar well! Nobody comes here anymore.

They have another one in the village" the man explained. They saw a cross sign near the well. Elana got suspicious.

She cupped her hands and scooped some mud away from near it and continued digging. She was sure that the cross sign meant something bigger.

After a while, her fingers touched something hard and heard a metal cling. She poured some water on the metal to wash off the mud. It looked like a round lid.

She had to put extra force to open it and when it finally opened, they saw nothing but a deep dark hole.

What could this be? A deep mysterious hole in a deserted trench...??? be continued

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