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chaahat28Not your sweet bubbly neighbourhood girl
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What is there in life which I can say for sure is not over rated.


They're all said to be over rated. So what is there in this world that's fitted with the perfect price tag of it's worth?

My search.

Over Rated

by chaahat28

As I begin

Why is everything said to be over rated in this world? Everyone is complaining about the price, but why? Well I hope I find an answer to this... Gah! Even faith is over rated! God Save Me !

Why can't a girl get her love or hopes fulfilled or anything done without this hug price tag sneering at her like a cold devil who accomplished the goal of shattering her heart? Why world?


I went a bit out of the topic, didn't I? It's just that all these things are not really worth the price we pay for it. The price - the happiness. I think that's the one we're under rating.

All these pricey hi -fi ways to joy are supposed to give us some happiness in the end, am aware of that! But does it always? We suffer so much.. give so much to achieve all this that...

I think we're paying each of these commodities with our smiles. Like love, a broken heart costs you a year of smiles. And at the end... was that one kiss worth it all?

And everyone would say "yes", love ... Ufff, It's just eating a pizza normally and eating it after you were starved for a week!!

You could have enjoyed pizza all week ut duh! you want the divine experience of a hamburger! There you go! EAT!! And then Success, well this is bound to find you eternal happiness. Nah!

This is what happens. You drench your smiles for this eternal happiness, reach the end of your life when you are successful, and then you die with the reproach of a thousand smiles you could have

But you cannot revert back to it. Commitment, career, bullshit... Everything is in search of one word.."HAPPINESS" Yet that's the price we pay to it.

So why? WHY? WHY? Why do we do this? Yeah, we need all this! I agree. But what if you're missing out instead of earning! So I pray, I pray for you to not fall for this soceital over rating

I pray you to open your eyes and see the percentage of profit the devil puts on it. I pray for you to not drench and drain too much of your smiles for ANYTHING.

It's all over rated you know.. And happiness is UNDER .. for all of it.

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