The Chosen Ones
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ceyjay A Little Wolff
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a poem I wrote about feeling the absence of love. I hope you like it whoever you are.

The Chosen Ones

What a beautiful feeling it must be

To feel chosen

From millions of personalities

From millions of faces

From millions of heartbeats

To be chosen by someone

To be held in their love and warmth

And to be able to give my love freely with no fear

I can only imagine how comforted my soul will feel

Knowing that someone is holding me in their heart

In the palm of their hand

Inbetween their ribs

Cradling me with care and love

Whispering my name into the darkness like they're reciting a prayer

Stroking my hair like it's woven out of gold.

I don't pine after this beautiful feeling anymore

Having felt the absence of this feeling has filled me up and tore me down

I've become numb and unknowing of what this feeling must be like

I see lovers through a lens and live vicariously through them

I send them love and prayers and hope their love never wavers.

For me, touching love and feeling her warmth is as close to me as the stars.

I don't feel bitter for not being chosen

But sometimes, like tonight, it breaks my heart.

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