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Vegneance and narcissism meet the Munchausen syndrome.

| Author's note |: This poem is about a person who suffers from the Munchausen syndrome, whose routine is acting pitiful in order to receive as many attentions as possible from the people who encounter him. His "perfect dimension" is broken when a new character appears in his life, a man who suffers from illnesses that the protagonist acted on. His attentions are soon replaced by a genuine interest of the people to the "Sorrowful face"'s case, as he is trying to help the protagonist out, believing that the main character really suffers like him. Jealousy and vegneance are the passions that drive the main character to commit a murder and to kill the nice stranger, since he "wanted his cheese", in allegory of the The fox and the crow tale. In the end, he regains his °1 place, become the finale of his delight.


Who was the culprit, who stole my woe?

Who stole my ego, who was my foe?

The one who ignored my first place

Was it you, the "sorrowful face"?

When did I learn I was not insane?

you were a victim, i was just plain

you appeared, saving me from my pit

An action I didn't want to commit.

You came to me, from no real place

a know-it-all. feeling my case

You naively stole my justified attention

the sympathy of many, a perfect dimension

You were the fox and I was the crow

You wanted my cheese, my enchanting show

You innocently threatened my position

But this is my story, my tradition.

A story of a fox that dies of hunger

litting up the little crow's anger

Because no one should try to steal my light

As they will greet the eternal night

Becoming the finale of my delight

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