My Crush's Bestfriend- Chapter Sixteen
My Crush's Bestfriend- Chapter Sixteen crush stories

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Follow Lexi Blue on her quest of doing what we all wish we could do- getting over a crush.

My Crush's Bestfriend- Chapter Sixteen

As I sat in my idling car in front of Alex's house, tears still streaming down my face, I began to wonder why I was here.

Why is it that my first instinct after hearing the news was to see Alex?

I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of a high pitched giggle.

I squinted in the darkness to see that Alex was getting out of his parked car.

Had he been there the whole time? Oh god, he definitely would have noticed me sitting here for the past twenty minutes.

My worries about the embarrassment I was sure to face was short-lived as Alex stumbled towards the other side of the car.

Oh great, he was drunk.

Note the sarcasm.

He pulled open the door to reveal a giggling Amber who was evidently just as wasted.

I noted that her naturally blonde hair was now brown and she wore a nurse's outfit that barely covered her body. It was only then that I noticed Alex was dressed similarly in a doctor's costume.

They must have been to a costume party.

My heart sank as he pulled her towards him by the waist, planting a soft kiss on her lips.

He pulled away causing her to pout before wrapping her arms around his neck and drawing his lips back to hers.

Things started escalating as they made their way to the front door and I couldn't bare the sight anymore.

I waited until they were inside before driving back home. I was a sobbing mess by the time I made it back to my room. I needed someone to be here before I fell apart.

I grabbed my phone off my nightstand dialling Mia's number but there was no answer.

I groaned in frustration.

I couldn't talk to my mom, she went to see my grandparents insisting that it would be better to break the news of dad's return in person not knowing how they would take it.

I knew for sure grandpa would not be happy. He always hated my dad but I guess now he doesn't have to worry about that.

Should I call mom and tell her? No. I need to be there to comfort her when she hears of dad's passing. She'll need someone- I need someone.

I notice my now discarded phone was blinking with an incoming call. I wiped the tears away as I composed myself.

"Hello?" I answered, my voice strained from crying. I cringed before clearing my throat.

"Lex, you okay? Have you been crying? What's wrong?" he panicked on the other side of the line.

I smiled at the concern in his voice. I couldn't tell him though. I didn't want to pour my heart out to someone only for it to be crushed again so I opted for "I'm fine" instead.

"No, you're not. I'm coming over." He replied hanging up before I could protest. I sighed falling back onto my bed as I waited for his arrival.

Moments later I heard a banging on my front door as Jordan yelled, "Open up Lex! I'm not leaving until you do!"

I laughed at how dramatic he was being as I made my way downstairs. I opened the door expecting to see a frantic Jordan but there was no one there.

I frowned in confusion before stepping outside looking around.

I was just about to go back inside because the cold air was making me shiver when I noticed Jordan at the side of the house trying to scale the wall.

I chuckled catching his attention. He turned around smiling sheepishly, "Oh hi"

"Were y-you trying to c-climb up to m-my room?" I asked in between laughs.

"Psh of course not. I was just observing the uh- shrubs." He smiled nervously. I shook my head smiling at him as I took his hand, pulling him inside the house.

I made my way back up to my room, Jordan following close behind. He didn't ask any questions as he lay next to me on the bed.

It was like he knew I wasn't in the mood to talk, that I just needed him there.

"Will you stay with me?"

"Of course I will."

He wrapped his arms around me as I laid my head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

He ran his fingers through my hair comfortingly which soothed me until eventually I was pulled into a deep sleep.


I woke up the next day to an empty bed. He was gone. I glanced at the clock to see that it was six in the morning. He must have left after I fell asleep last night.

I sighed as I made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was about to go make some breakfast when the doorbell rang.

Who could be at the door so early in the morning? Was it Jordan?

I made my way to the door, peeping through the peephole. Anger fueled me at the sight before me. I opened the door just as he was about to knock catching him by surprise.

I looked at him with a blank look, "Go away, Alex. I don't want to talk to you." I said as I closed the door in his face.

Damn, that felt good.

I was about to return to the kitchen when his words stopped me in my track, "We have to talk about last night!" he shouted from the other side of the door.

Last night? He saw me? Oh shit now I really don't want to talk to him.

"There's nothing to talk about, you made your choice," I yelled back.

"What are you talking about? You're the one that disappeared on me this morning and now you don't want to talk about it?" he replied.

What? I guess we really needed to talk.


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