Where is color? Where is happiness? Where am I?
Where is color? Where is happiness? Where am I? tw stories

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TRIGGER WARNING - Depressed Thoughts

Where is color? Where is happiness? Where am I?

I have never felt like this before, not even when my grandmother died, my cat died, and my mom abandoned me, all at once. The emptiness that I feel, its all forming and all consuming.

I don't remember what true happiness feels like, and I don't really remember if I ever did. In the end, I'm a soulless freak that will die alone. That's fact, thats present, and thats future...

I will never amount to anything worth something. No one will ever love me, and I will never love again.

This is my life, one without a sun or a moon, one of monotone grays and shadows that wander the halls and streets. I saw color once, and that was my greatest mistake...

By seeing color, when it was taken away, I cannot go back to color, and I cannot go back to monotone...

I know that I need to change my thought patterns, and yet, it's not just thought, it's what's around me, i'm just describing it in my mind. I see monotone, I feel monotone, I am monotone.

Where did color go? Somewhere I forgot even who I am. I died a long time ago, Where did I go?

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