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My special thanks to the owner of this page 😉

My Commaful Story

Do you want to know how I met commaful in my life?

First and foremost...

I didn't like writing.

I hated words, grammars and so on about English.

I might write in Filipino but not that good as creative writers do.

When the time, I felt so lonely,

Friends broke my heart so deeply

Betrayal I received from them. Trust lost and they let me feel unworthy.

I started to write...


I might had a grammatically error, I didn't care..

I started to post something in instagram and other SNS as if I was happy and had positive outlook in life in my own words...

But actually, it helped me to remind how still lucky I am because I am still alived.

One day, commaful page in instagram followed me and kept on liking my posts.

I was a little bit curious about this page.

Before, I was followed and liked by a page who has full of quotes same on this site like wattpad, and other page that I didn't remember.

But this is the only site that I got curious about.

So I stalked, read and clicked the link they had.

Then, bwuuaahh... I signed up!

I read the outputs of the author here and they were really amazing.

So, I was shy to post and I was not that good anyway, I might get another bashers again.

I really felt ashamed but I tried to post just a short quote. It was my first post entitled "ALONE". And I was also alone and emotional in a Café on that time anyway..

Suddenly, somebody liked it and on the next day, I tried to write again, I never thought someone would appreciate it.

Commaful is really amazing. It helps me to boost my confidence through writing.

Although, I am still not good but I learned something.

I got some tips.

And also, this page helps me to be a wide reader.

THERE ARE LOTS OF MOTIVATION that you will encourage to write and read eventhough how lazy you are just like me.

Thanks Commaful for making me one of the members of your community.

Lovelots, MARNE CELMAR aka @DarkAngel

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