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by M

Money means a lot these days Whether you want it to or not It is what it is

It takes you to your dreams, to college, to living Its the basis The building block of life

Im young But I can earn money I can chase my dreams with or without you I can earn it with my own strength

I do not need you Nor your power Or your wealth I do not need you to feel superior over me

I do not need you to threaten me I do not need you to hold it against me I do not need you to look down on me I do not need you to think youre worth the same value of money you gain

Your'e not God You're not the master You're not what i need and you're not what will keep me alive With or without you I will survive

I have strength I have power I have energy I have youth I have my own hands to build my future

You can't keep treating me like nothing You can't keep thinking that your money will keep me attached to you I dont need you Or your money I dont want you or your money either


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