Torn Paper and a Cup of Kona
Torn Paper and a Cup of Kona sweatpantscoffee stories

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A backyard wildlife discussion and a list of jailbird names changed my life.

Torn Paper and a Cup of Kona

by cathy j. ganschinietz

So, I sat with a cup of the freshly ground Kona blend in my hand while discussing the wildlife in my daughter's backyard with her on the phone. I loved these conversations .

She could now incorporate her list on her Board "When I have a backyard. " We had just reintroduced bird feeders to the front and back yards, so the bird topic was on my mind.

Along with this flood of wildlife information I was trying to figure out what my next artistic adventure would be. Watercolor birds would work and with an expert confidante it was a slam dunk!!

So the journey began....watercolor with a twist. Birds....jailbirds I thought giggling to myself and Angel Baby was created. After a quick google of convict names, list made, I was set .

The watercolor was not enough. I remembered a class on collage and reached for the stack of paper tucked away. A few rips of some paper selected with care and the ripping began.

You can't really know the joy of painting with paper until you have torn it and placed it on your own creation. Bare fingers gliding along glue ladened paper smoothing into a visual delight.

I know some of my fellow watercolorists look upon these creations as less then their own, but they don't know the feeling of that torn paper piece that fits perfectly, that you didn't measure.

that feels like you had divine help in tearing. It happens often when using torn paper, that feeling of being guided. It has happened enough to me that watercolor and torn paper has become.....

my way of life. Creating birds, and people and all of God's creatures in a way that will bring joy to those that view them. I am forever grateful for the gift of my daughter on this journey and

the discovery of torn paper.

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