Ms. Gray

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cathycade Just writing
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An old photograph and a timeless face.

Ms. Gray

Renee inserted another photograph in the silver frame. The photos all looked the same. The one at the back was taken in a booth at a travelling fairground when she was twenty-one. Its cheap paper was now warped and discoloured.

Thirty-five years, two husbands and three children later, she still looked twenty-one having cheated on both husbands, neglected her children, drunk to excess, smoked anything that would light and seduced other people’s husbands.

The wife of the latest husband found Renee’s number in his phone She tracked down Ms Gray’s address, and broke in while the lovers were meeting elsewhere. After shredding Renee’s wardrobe, she broke the picture frames and burned every photograph in the kitchen sink.

At the hotel, Doreen Gray was in the bathroom when the face in the hotel mirror began to age.

It blurred and drooped like melting candle wax.

Renee screamed and screamed until her life caught up with her

and terminated.

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