5 Fun Facts About Saint Thomas Aquinas

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5 Fun Facts About Saint Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Dominican friar and priest who is honored as one of the few Doctors of the Church. He is regarded as a great theologian and philosopher, but did you know...

His family kidnapped and held him in a castle for a year

His family members weren't fans of him joining the Dominican order. He ran away from home to follow his calling.

He was bullied by his classmates.

Despite going on to become one of the most influential theologians of the Church, his classmates called him ‘the dumb ox’ because he was a lumbering man who was reserved and shy.

He stopped writing a year before he died.

A year before his death, he had a mystical vision and stopped writing. He said "I can do no more. Such secrets have been revealed to me that all I have written now appears to be of little value."

He is a patron saint of universities, students, and schools.

His feast day was moved in 1969.

Feast day was originally March 7, the day of his death, but it was moved to January 28 in 1969 because it often fell during Lent.

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We're glad you enjoyed it! Today is the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas!

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