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So many things that should never divide people, Say NO!

Say NO

I say NO to the colour of your skin, I refuse to look at that.

Would pigment determent my point of view? I should get a smack to the head!

I say NO to whatever you may be, Man, woman, they’re side by side.

Nobody is more important than somebody else, So Gender is not how I divide.

I say NO to your age, even when it’s high, Nobody is written off for me there,

Experience is something you have so much, It’s a blessing, a gift you can share.

I say NO to your income, Why would I care about your bank account?

Not what you make, but who you are, I want YOU, not your money, around!

I say NO to your education, No to the work you perform.

Rocket scientist, cleaner, whatever you do, You’re a beautiful person, thát’s my norm.

I say NO to your background, Why would I mind where you’re from?

I see who you ARE, not who you once WAS, The past is erased, forgotten, gone!

I say NO to those things that split people apart, I say YES to the people, whoever it is,

There is no good reason for grudges and hate, Accepting each other, trust me, is bliss!

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