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For the one I loved but got taken away...

Let go

I loved you more than I care to say, More than my heart wants to admit.

I loved you because you were a part of me, Our lives just seemed to fit.

You were like me in so many ways, I always looked at you with a smile,

And now that I can never do that again, My emotions are just in denial.

I lost you forever; it was no-ones fault. It was illness that took you away,

I wished that I could have taken your place, That somehow you would be here to stay.

I miss you forever, even now after years, The wound, it did heal but I’m scar'd,

You’re gone but still here, you never fully left, You are always alive in my heart.

Letting go is the worst thing to do in this life, Letting go of the loved ones you know.

But the arms of my friends, the love I receive, They help me to slowly let go…

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