Swings in my Head
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Remembering times of fun as kids, forever over...

Swings in my Head

I want to play outside, just like when I was a little kid.

I want to play outside, exactly like we as children did!

I want to get dirty, covered with sand , dirt and mud.

Scratch my knee falling, no worries about a bit of blood.

I want to climb trees, fall out and climb again.

Too busy having fun to take notice of pain.


But I can't, I'm an adult. I got grown-up things to do.

Like work, bookkeeping and taxes, suits, ties and black shoe.

Why can't I go running, hopscotch or on the swings?

Why did I have to trade it for far more boring things?


I sigh and put my tie straight, go back to working instead.

But no-one can stop me play on the swings in my head.

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