I Understand that I don't Understand
I Understand that I don't Understand limited stories

cartoonman sometimes thoughts leak out. Read them
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I can never understand what the other feels, but I can try

I Understand that I don't Understand

I listen to your words, About the pain that's in your life.

I read all your thoughts, of the trouble and the strife.

I can relate, I have been there, Your hurt has once been mine.

But though I know, I also don't, There is an uncrossable line.

Even though I had something like it, your problems are unique'.

I can never feel your pain for you, "I get it"is just too weak.

So I will never fully understand, but my compassion can sooth I hope.

I don't feel it fully, but a little bit. I won't end it but let me help you cope.

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