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I laid on the dry, brown grass. The crisp night air gently blowing the trees back and forth.

Back and forth.

Back and forth..

I thought about the one who gave himself to his father. Sacrificed his happiness for mine.

The one who I loved. To the moon and back.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

A tear made its way down my red, cold face.

I had fallen for an angel of the Lord. He was my guardian. My savior. My life in a nutshell..

And he was gone.



As I looked into the never ending night sky, the Big Dipper and the little Dipper were spotted. I smiled.

Those were our constellations. Always near. Even when they are miles apart.

I began to cry more now. Letting myself go into a bliss of emotional pain.

"Guess who?" A high pitched voice rang through my ears. A pair of hands had covered my eyes.

I sniffed. "Dean?"

"Guess again. That same voice echoed in the empty field.

I became more confused now. "Sam?"

"I'll give you one more try!" The voice had an exciting tone to it.

"Uh...... Crowley?"

"keep your eyes closed" with that the hands uncovered my now closed eyes. I felt a warmth on my left side. Someone was there.


I opened my eyes. Still looking at the stars. I slowly turned to my left to see a grinning face. Black messy hair. The bluest eyes. A suit. And a trench coat.

My eyes widened. My mouth dropped open.

"Surprise" the familiar low voice engulfed my mind.

"C-Cas!" I embraced the fallen angel with a warm tight squeeze. My smile never fading

I pulled away. Cas smiled and planted a gentle kiss on my lips.

I looked back up at the sky. Our constellations seemed to be closer now.

Cas looked up at the sky as well.

He smiled.

Requested by a friend of mine that I call squirrel.

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